Founded in 2020

A sophisticated interpretation of traditional Thai cuisine

Chef Specialties

All Day

Coconut milk, roasted duck, pineapple, tomato, basil

Green curry, avocado, zucchini, bell pepper, basil

Gang Pah

Spicy clear curry with chili paste, bamboo shoot, green bean, baby corn, basil, green pepper

Somtum (papaya salad), Chicken Wings, Sticky Rice.

Crispy chicken in our secret sauce, sweet and savory

Crispy salmon over rice noodle, special blend soy sauce, beansprout, shallot

Crispy salmon over green apple salad.

Crispy salmon bathing in our delicious panangcurry sauce. Contain peanut.

Chef Specialties

All Day

Crab, egg, green onion.

Wide rice noodle with egg, chicken, calamari, and prawns on bed of lettuce as served on streets of Thailand

Our all time favorite Padthaibut made with bean thread noodle topped with jumbo prawns.

Deep fried roasted duck in tempura batter top with our homemade Sweet and spicy sauce, bell pepper, basil leaves

Kao Soi

Steamed egg noodle with special kao soi curry

Bamboo shoot, zucchini, mushroom, carrot, bell pepper, chili paste, white wine

Fried Tofu, Sweet and Savory Sauce, Bell Peppers, Basil.

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